Building a Sunflower House

I recently read a really fun book that inspired an activity I am surely going to complete with my own kids. Sunflower House by Eve Bunting is a story of children planting sunflowers in a circle to make a sunflower fort. The story follows the sunflower fort through the spring, summer, and fall, and teaches about the life cycle of plants, explaining where the seeds for next spring’s sunflowers will come from. The illustrations are colorful and wonderfully detailed, showing the activities of the children and drawings of how the seed grows over time. Reading this book with your own children or a group of students offers a wonderful opportunity to then plant your own sunflower house. For an amazingly tall fort, I suggest planting the sunflowers mentioned in the story, the mammoth variety. But, it might be fun to plant a lower growing variety, like this one, between the extra tall sunflowers, for an added sense of privacy. Sunflowers should be planted in a circle either on their own or around the outer edge of a sapling tepee. Seeds should be planted 1″ deep and 1-2 feet apart. Sunflowers like full sun, so be sure to choose a spot that gets at least 6 hours of full sunlight. Happy reading and happy planting!


2 thoughts on “Building a Sunflower House

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