A Simple, DIY Toad House


Fairy houses are tons of fun. They’re beautiful and imaginative. I love them, I really do. My children love building them in the woods, and they’re a wonderful artistic addition to our landscape. Another fun house to add to the village, is a toad house. These, too, can be an artistic project for children. And, even better, they work to attract toads to your garden. Toads are beneficial wildlife for your yard. They will consume 100 or more insects and slugs each day making them a perfect natural pest fighter. Just remember, pesticides and chemicals for the yard can be extremely harmful to toads because their skin can easily absorb these substances, so avoid using them. Toads are a lot of fun to watch in the garden, but avoid picking them up or touching them. The oils we carry on our hands and the residue from the soaps and lotions we use can be very damaging to a toad’s skin.

Make Your Own Toad House

DSCN4798 DSCN4797 DSCN4796 DSCN4799

  • Using a plain terra-cotta plant pot, have your children decorate the outside of the pot with acrylic paint.
  • Find a shady, damp spot in the garden to locate your toad house.
  • Turn the terra-cotta pot on its side and bury half of it in the soil. Add some leaves and compost to the soil on the floor of the house to make it more enticing for a toad to call it home.
  • Wait for a toad to find the new home you have provided. Don’t relocate an adult toad to your garden. It has already made its home somewhere else. But each spring, baby toads will be looking for their own home, and may soon find their way to your spot.



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