Celebrating the Autumn Equinox


Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of fall. From here on out, the days will get shorter and the temperatures will begin to decline as we head towards winter. This pattern of decreasing light will continue until the Winter Solstice, in December, which marks the shortest day of the year. The equinox is a time when the sun shines directly on the equator, and the center of the sun sets 12 hours after it rises, making the length of day and night nearly equal. The word equinox is derived from the Latin words “aequus” (equal) and “nox” (night), translating to “equal night”. An equinox happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

There are many ways celebrate this special celestial day, and welcome autumn. Earlier this month, I put together a book list of my favorite fall- and autumn equinox-themed children’s stories. Also, check out the following links for ideas from some of my favorite nature bloggers:

How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox, by Rain or Shine Mamma

11 Ways to Celebrate the Fall Autumnal Equinox, by Rhythms of Play

Ways to Celebrate the Fall/Autumnal Equinox, by HEN Family

Celebrating Fall Equinox, by the Sparkle Stories Blog


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