::Nature Photo Friday::

Each Friday I will post a nature photo from our adventures of the week. The photo will represent a moment that I want to remember, to take in the feelings of that outdoor experience. If you are inspired to do the same, share a link to your nature photo in the comments. There is so much beauty in the natural world to share, I hope you will join me!


{I absolutely love how the morning light hits our yard. These photos were taken in the early morning sunlight as I was out doing farm chores (opening, feeding, and watering the goats and chickens). I enjoy this time each day as it is my only time outdoors alone. It is quiet and peaceful, which proves to be a great way to start my day. On this particular morning, the fog was thick over the river and its tributaries, which you can see in the distance of the first picture. We aren’t quite at peak for foliage, yet. Which seems a little late, but considering we haven’t had a frost yet, I’m not surprised. It has been a relatively warm start to autumn. Although, you can find pockets of bright and vibrant foliage in the region. It might be time for a drive through the mountains to explore the colors. How is the foliage in your region?}


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