::Nature Photo Friday::

Each Friday I will post a nature photo (or two) from our adventures of the week. The photo will represent a moment that I want to remember, to take in the feelings of that outdoor experience. If you are inspired to do the same, share a link to your nature photo in the comments. There is so much beauty in the natural world to share, I hope you will join me!

{Most mornings, after we drop off my son at school, my two younger daughters and I head home to take care of animal chores (open and feed the chickens and goats, and take the dog out). Recently, they have been accompanying me with this task. Sometimes they will help with the animals, other times they just play. It has become a nice routine, where the girls get some outdoor play time first thing. It provides fresh air, allowing them to get some physical activity and maybe burn off some pent up energy from the morning rush. On this particular morning, it was the coldest it has been so far, coming in at a brisk 20*F. I wasn’t sure if the girls would want to be outside with me, but sure enough they did. They bundled up, loving the fact that that they were each wearing two coats. And I was loving their beautiful little rosy cheeks!}


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