Winter Weather Lore Activity

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Weather lore is a type of folklore related to weather predictions. Utilizing rhymes and anecdotes, weather lore attempts to make uncertain weather predictions more certain. Prior to the use of more specific weather technology, the only weather data available was based on human experience. These days, it provides an element of fun when examining the weather and thinking about the season ahead.

Snow flakes by krzysiu

With the upcoming seasonal change, from fall to winter, an interesting and engaging activity could be to examine weather lore related to the winter ahead. Here you can find a site with a wide assortment of winter weather folklore. The Farmer’s Almanac also has a section on weather lore. Their winter weather lore can be found here. Read through the various weather lore predictions, and compare it to you own observations and experiences leading up to this coming winter. Have students create a list of what their observations tell them, using the weather lore, then make a prediction about what the weather will be like this winter. At the end of the winter, or even part-way through, re-examine those predictions to see if they hold true. As an extension, have students create their own piece weather lore (or anecdote) for the season.


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