A Collection of Activities for Learning All About Snowflakes

NOAA Photo Library Image - wea02087

A few of Wilson Bentley’s snowflake photographs.

Following up on January’s theme of snow and snowflakes, I wanted to share a few resources I stumbled across about the science and math and art of snowflakes. Snowflakes are pretty amazing in that they are each unique, and their crystal formation is quite beautiful. It might seem hard to believe, but just as Snowflake Bentley¬†captured and photographed snowflakes, you can too. Check out the links below to learn more about snowflake formation, structure, and techniques for preserving as a way to enjoy their natural beauty.

  • The Snow Crystals site has everything you could ever want to know about snowflakes – from photographs of snowflakes to activities for learning about snowflake structure. Check out this link for capturing and preserving snowflakes for observation.
  • The Smithsonian offers a nice lesson plan for observing snowflakes.
  • This short video clip from Discovery Channel discusses how no two snowflakes are alike and follows a scientist as he goes snowflake watching.
  • This one minute clip from the BBC explains how snowflakes are made, and provides amazing imagery of snowflake crystals captured by an electron microscope.
  • How to Grow Your Own Snowflakes

For reading suggestions and activity ideas for learning about snow and snowflakes from Backyard Learning, check out the links below.

Keeping a Snow Journal

Fun with Measuring Snow

January Nature Book List: SNOW


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