Signs of Spring Nature Walk (free printable!)

Spring is here, and sure enough signs of the season will be found everywhere. I created this fun checklist to bring along on a nature walk in search of signs of spring. Children can bring this colorful handout with them as they explore nature and use their senses to investigate the changes of the season. Not only can they search for the items on the handout, but they can be inspired to search for their own signs of spring as well. Laminate the print-out, and it will stand up to any weather. Use the handout several times throughout the spring season to see how the natural world changes as it gets closer and closer to summer. Are there more flowers? Are the flowers in bloom different? How does the grass change? What happens to the leaves on the trees? Do birds still visit their nests at the end of the season? What happens to the mud?

filename-1 (2)

CLICK HERE for the Signs of Spring Nature Walk (free printable)


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