7 Outdoor Rainy Day Activities

Let’s face it. Getting outside on a rainy day can be tough. The rain can be cold and damp, and outdoor play isn’t any fun when you’re wet. But with some good rain gear and rain boots, lots of fun can be had outside in the rainy weather. (Rain or Shine Mamma has some great tips for being prepared for rainy day outdoor play.)

Here are 7 outdoor rainy day activities to encourage children to have some fun in the rain and explore nature even when the weather isn’t so perfect.

  1. Listen to the rain. Listen to how it falls on the natural objects around you. Bring a variety of items from the recycling (plastic containers, cardboard boxes, tin cans, etc.) and listen how the sound of the rain changes on each.
  2. Stomp in puddles. Make different sized splashes. Watch the patterns that are created by the different foot movements and splashes.
  3. Build a rain gauge to measure the amount of rainfall. Here is a simple tutorial.
  4. Create a rainstorm with your hands and feet. This activity works best with a large group. It would be a lot of fun to do this as a class. If you listen carefully you can hear the rainstorm move in and then get further away.
  5. Go on a rainy day nature quest. Flip over rocks and logs, and look under leaves to search for bugs and worms. Some creatures love the rain and can easily be found enjoying the extra wet weather, while others are taking shelter from the rain.
  6. Make boats and rafts out of leaves, sticks, and bark. Float them in a puddle or down a stream.
  7. Build a rain shelter. Use sticks and leaves and other objects from the forest floor to build a rain-proof shelter that would keep you completely dry.

And, when you are ready to come in from all that outdoor rainy day fun, cozy up with some of these reads all about rainy weather from the April Nature Book List!


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