Snowdrops::Nature Photo Field Guide

Welcome to the Nature Photo Field Guide. Here I will share photographs of plants, animals, fungi, weather events, and any other special findings of the natural world. This will be a place to document the various environments that I encounter through my nature explorations (mainly in New England), and to share what I learn about the world around me.

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Common Name: Snowdrops

Latin Name: Galanthus nivalis

About: Snowdrops are a bulbous perennial. They can be planted in gardens, but can also be found growing naturally in along woodland edges and streams (having escaped garden plantings and naturalized with the nearby environment). These flowers provide one of the first signs of spring, blooming from late February to late March. And can often be found poking up through the snow. Flowers are white, with six petals: 3 outer ones which are larger and 3 inner ones which are marked with green. The flowers are said to resemble drops of snow. The plant grows approximately 4-6 inches tall, and can be found in clusters.